Electronic Instruments

  • Flow rate totalizer

    Flow rate totalizer

    XSJ series flow totalizer according to the temperature, pressure and flow rate of various signal acquisition, display, control, transmission, communication, printing processing, a digital acquisition control system. For gas, vapor, liquid totalizer, measurement and control.
  • Batch Controller

    Batch Controller

    XSJDL series of quantitative control instrument can cooperate with all kinds of flow sensors and transmitters to realize quantitative measurement, quantitative filling, quantitative batching, batching, quantitative water injection and quantitative control of various liquids.
  • Cooling Heat Totalizer

    Cooling Heat Totalizer

    XSJRL series cooling heat totalizer is a microprocessor based, complete functions, can measure the flow meter with various flow transmitter, sensor, and two branch platinum thermal resistance (or temperature transmitter) with the completion of liquid cold or heat metering.
  • Fuel consumption counter

    Fuel consumption counter

    Diesel engine fuel consumption meter is creation from two Diesel flow sensor and one fuel calculator, fuel calculator measure and calculate both fuel flow sensor fuel qty, fuel passing time and fuel consumption also fuel calculator optionally able to provide RS-485/RS-232 / pulse output against fix use qty for connect with GPS and GPRS modem.
  • Volume Corrector

    Volume Corrector

    Product Overview The volume corrector is mainly used to detect the temperature, pressure, flow and other signals of the gas online. It also performs automatic correction of the compression factor and automatic correction of the flow, and converts the volume of the working condition into the volume of the standard state. FEATURES 1.When system module is in error, it will prompt the error content and start the corresponding mechanism. 2.Prompt/alarm/record and start corresponding mech...